notice to all of mankind, by use of this notice, i set the law here;


i, state that, all knowledge and time and property shared through this website, and shared through all methods of communication and interaction, remotely and physically, are shared by i: a man; Douglas Ringwald, in the private, only;


i, state that, any property i did create, i hereby claim as the property of i;


i, state that, the property of, i, is not to be shared or sold, without first obtaining the explicit written consent of i;


i, state that, all those of mankind who use the knowledge and or property shared by, i, do so as those of mankind only, and do take full responsibility for said use;


i, state that, i, consider all donations and or compensations for time and or knowledge and or property shared by i, donations and or compensations for the labor of i, or the property of i;  and that is in the private;


i, state that, all interactions and communications are private and between those of mankind only;


i, state that, i, will consider it a trespass by way of barratry, if any man or woman who at times acts as an agent of the state tries to enforce any legal code, act or statute, where no man or woman has been harmed, or tries to carry out any mission of entrapment or investigation against i, a man or the property of i;


i, state that, i, require compensation in the amount of $100,000 per trespass, plus $1,000 per day the trespass continues;


i, say all inhere be true, and will verify at a court of law.




by: a man; Douglas Ringwald




if you have any questions or concerns about this notice, please contact Douglas Ringwald: